Municipal Hospitality

A sub-project “Byernes Værtskab” (Municipal Hospitality), managed by VisitVejle (tourist office), seeks to develop municipal hospitality in the towns of the region, and send a strong signal to conference hosts and decision-makers that our towns welcome international conventions and their delegates and guests. The sub-project addresses a range of important issues, including physical and digital hospitality, conceptualising good, local stories to produce selling products, and establishing local task forces.

The flow of examples, cases and best practices resulting from the Municipal Hospitality sub-project will be made available on this site.

On 31 March 2013, the Inspiring Denmark commercial foundation completed a three-year International Business Tourism project. The project succeeded in attracting an additional 15,000 convention days to the region and an estimated DKK 45 million of extra revenue. This project effectively created 80 new jobs in the hospitality sector and a number of invaluable new partnerships.

The Strategic Hospitality project picks up the baton from the International Business Tourism project. News of the project’s results will be publicised at regular intervals on this website and in newsletters.