What does an Ambassador for Inspiring Denmark do?

What is expected of you as ambassador?

  • We expect you to play a leading role in attracting international conventions in your field to Southern Denmark.
  • We also expect you to encourage greater focus on the importance of international conventions, i.e. that you help to bring hosting to the agenda and that you act as a door-opener within your organisation or company, motivating and inspiring your colleagues and employees.
  • We expect you to take part in an ongoing dialogue and to attend 1-2 Inspiring Denmark meetings a year, with a view to consistently identifying and working to attract potential conventions to the region.
  • Finally, we expect you to engage actively in discussions with less experienced hosts among your ambassador colleagues.


What can you expect as ambassador?

  • You will join a proactive and inspiring network of leading figures, whose mandate is to put Southern Denmark on the global and scientific map. The work provides excellent opportunities to form new friendships and create partnerships.
  • You will be invited to attend two inspiring events each year, which focus on knowledge-sharing, hospitality and networking.
  • You will receive 3-4 newsletters a year with congress-related news from Inspiring Denmark and the ambassador corps, including special offers from our special partners.