Why hosting

a conference

There are many good reasons to host an international conference in Southern Denmark:

1. Gain international exposure and personal recognition.
As a host you have the opportunity to shed light on your field of expertise and acquire both national and international recognition among key stakeholders within your field of excellence.

2. Boost your network.
Establish valuable networks with colleagues and partners from around the world. Networks that lead to new ventures within your field of research, knowledge sharing or sales.

3. Attract international talent.
Hosting an international conference will profile your organisation globally and help you attract professionals from abroad, strengthening the quality of your work – whether focusing on research or better products.

4. Strengthen your level of expertise and internal motivation.
An international conference leads to new insights and inspiration. It strengthens
the profile of your organisation as well as the knowledge and motivation among colleagues and employees.

5. Promote Southern Denmark.
Apart from professional benefits, conferences spawn a social and economic impact. International conferences attract knowledge and talent to Denmark, strengthening the international profile of Denmark and its institutions. Furthermore, they generate revenue for the destination – beneficial for growth as well as occupation.

If you want to know more about your options as host, and how Inspiring Denmark can assist you, make sure to contact us today.

How we

can help you

There are many good reasons to head an international conference in Southern Denmark. We are ready to share our knowledge and experience with your throughout the process and assist you as a valuable partner. We have many years of experience in attracting conferences to Southern Denmark, and as a non-profit organisation, our services are free of charge. Feel free to contact us no matter how far you are in the process of hosting a conference.


Our services:

  • Identification of and research on relevant conferences.
  • Guidance regarding facilities, programme, logistics and budgeting.
  • Preparation of bids and presentations including obtaining letters of support and quotes from collaborators.
  • Pitching conferences to international boards and committees.
  • Planning and hosting site visits in Southern Denmark (visits from international key stakeholders and decision-makers).
  • Graphic design for bids, announcements, posters etc.
  • Promotion of conferences including press releases, articles or video productions.
  • Outreach activities with the aim of gaining support from local businesses and organisations.

And much more!