About Inspiring Denmark

Inspiring Denmark is a non-profit-organisation which promotes business tourism and promotes growth in Southern Denmark. We help scientists and business people to achieve success and plan high-quality, professional, international conventions.


Professional organisation – We are here to help you!

We promote business tourism and growth in the region by offering free advice to conference planners, individuals and organisations who wish to hold meetings, conventions or conferences in the region. Our experienced team of professional advisers takes very good care of clients. We know what it takes to realise your goals. Make good use of us. Our services are free of charge.


Southern Denmark – we have a dream

We aim to be Denmark’s foremost destination for international conferences and conventions – outside Copenhagen. We have the locations, we have the facilities and most importantly, we have all the professional and personal skills we need.


Making more inspiring conferences

What does a successful conference do? It creates inspiration and strengthens networks. When you return from a conference filled with energy and new ideas, with your pockets full of business cards from new and exciting connections, and with a burning desire to show the world that you can make a difference, your conference has been truly inspirational.


A team working to make you successful

This is precisely the kind of atmosphere, learning and enthusiasm we hope to inspire. We are fortunate to have excellent conditions for achieving all of this in the region. We have a number of tools at our disposal to enhance learning, create excellent conferences and encourage participants to become actively engaged in the proceedings. Inspiring Denmark is subsidised by the European Union, 13 local authorities, the bulk of the business tourism industry and the most important scientific institutions in the region, along with a wide range of professional skills and competences. We have a strong network and we are committed to working together to ensure that your event is an unmitigated success.

Inspiring Denmark is part of two international conference and convention networks.