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How can we help you?

If you wish to host an international conference in Southern Denmark, Inspiring Denmark offers to help with the tender process, presentation materials and marketing of your congress.

Inspiring Denmark is a non-profit-making organisation. All our services are free of charge.

As the convention host, you  can make use of the following core services offered to you. 

1. Find a congress 

Is there an international congress looming on the horizon? Would you like us to keep our eyes and ears open?

We can help you to identify a congress within your field that will help to boost your position and department.

2. Develop presentations and bids

We develop presentation material and are happy to participate in live presentations as the official representative of Southern Denmark.

Please find below examples of materials you are welcome to use in communicating Southern Denmark as a congress destination.

Presentation Film Region of Southern Denmark

Southern Denmark Imagebrochure

3. Networking and sales

We arrange site inspections, to which we invite the decision-makers involved in your prospective congress to Southern Denmark. They meet you and can see the opportunities here with their own eyes. We bear the cost of site inspections.

4. Impartial advisory partner

Once the congress is won, Inspiring Denmark continues to function as an impartial and experienced partner throughout the planning process.

5. Promoting your congress

Inspiring Denmark will help you to formulate a marketing/communication strategy and materials for your congress to ensure that it receives maximum attention and attracts the right number of delegates.

6. Evaluation

When your congress is over, Inspiring Denmark offers to participate in the evaluation process. We do our utmost to help you reap the benefits of valuable expertise and experience for future use.