New Nordic

New Nordic is a wave pounding onto the shore – in the worlds of gastronomy, design, architecture and fashion. In Denmark, we are experimenting with recycling materials, sustainable processing and responsible production. There’s a prevalent holistic approach here to developing the full potential of every product, to create not only value, but also meaningful experiences.


A taste of Denmark

The rich soil of Funen produces excellent food products. Juicy apples, dark red cherries, freshly pressed juices, hand-picked tomatoes, delicious field-fresh asparagus and flowers of every shape, colour and size. There are plenty of opportunities to experience the ”taste of Funen” at the many restaurants on the island.


Discover the best of Scandinavia

Successful Danish companies, such as Bang&Olufsen, Vestas, Novo Nordisk, Grundfos, LEGO®, ECCO and Danfoss, are hard evidence, if evidence was needed, of the fact that you can achieve high quality, sustainability and healthy bottom-line results when you provide optimal conditions for innovation and creativity.