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Inspiring Denmark collects and processes your data in accordance with the Personal Data Processing Act, also known as the Personal Data Act (read more here or on the European Commission’s page on data protection).

When registering, your data is used to send information about Inspiring Denmark’s news, activities and offers (non-commercial) as well as for anonymous registration and reporting around the conference market in the Region of Southern Denmark. You can always unsubscribe from our newsletter, but further information about you will be deleted by contacting info (a) inspiringdenmark.dk.

Registration takes place in the following cases:

  • By subscribing to our newsletter
  • By registering and participating in one of our events
  • By collaborating with one of our employees
  • By acting as an ambassador for Inspiring Denmark By being a member of our partnership network

Who has access?

Employees at Inspiring Denmark have access to your information, which is, however, stored in a secure program. Your information will not be passed on to third parties without your consent.

You always have the opportunity to find out what information is stored about you. You can also have some information corrected, removed or deleted about you. Contact us at info (a) inspiringdenmark.dk.


Privacy policy in connection with events

Important information regarding personal data on participant lists

  • Your name, title and company will appear on the list of participants for our events.
  • The list of participants is available to the organisers and the other participants at the event in the form of a physical list of participants and an online list of participants.
  • Name tags are also handed out, stating your name, title and company. If you unsubscribe from the event, your information will not appear on the list of participants.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

List of participants for events will be passed on to the venue, as it is necessary for the event to take place. The list of participants contains your name and special considerations, if this is stated at registration. The information is only used for the events you register with us. If you unsubscribe, the information will not be passed on.

Where can I see my own data and control what is displayed?

You can always contact us at info (a) inspiringdenmark.dk and get information on your data, have your data changed and possibly get your data deleted.