5 reasons for hosting a congress

There are many good reasons to lead an international convention in Southern Denmark. We have drawn up a list of previous convention hosts’ most important motivations (see below):

1. You get international exposure and personal recognition

As host, you expose your subject and results – in Denmark and around the world. You earn prestige and respect – and you become visible and relevant for important people in your field.

2. You boost your network

You have an opportunity to create a valuable network with colleagues and partners from all parts of the world. Your network is the seed from which future cooperation can grow, whether you are working in research, sharing what you know or hoping to sell your product.

3. You attract international talent

When you hold an international congress, you put your institution on the map and can attract foreign research scientists, who can help to raise the standards in the study environment. In the business world, new talents from Denmark and abroad learn that your company is ambitious and you enhance your recruitment platform.

4. You hone your professional credentials and enhance internal motivation

An international convention creates new knowledge and inspiration. You raise the bar at your institution or company and this improves motivation in your colleagues, employees and students.

5. You promote Southern Denmark

In addition to a professional boost, conventions bring social and financial benefits. International conventions draw knowledge and talent to Denmark and put institutions, regions and Denmark on the map. International conventions also create good revenue – to benefit growth and employment.

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