10 good reasons

There are hundreds of good reasons why you should hold your next convention or conference in Southern Denmark.

Here are just ten of those reasons:


1. Experience and facilities

In Southern Denmark, we have mastered the art of organising and holding meetings, conferences and conventions. We have all that we need to create excellent conventions – from a modern infrastructure to cultural attractions. It’s easy to get here and, once you are here, it’s easy to get around.


2. Easy access to and from the entire world

It is so easy to get to Southern Denmark. Billund and Copenhagen are our two principal airports. There are direct flights to more than 170 cities across the globe.


3. Efficient regional infrastructure

It is easy to get around Southern Denmark. From Billund Airport, there are half-hourly bus services to several towns in the region and new routes are being added all the time. There are rail connections from Copenhagen Airport to every part of the region. For example, the trip from Copenhagen to Odense takes only two hours by train, i.e.  no more than it would often take to travel from the airport to the centre of another major city.


4. Conference facilities to suit every purpose

Southern Denmark offers inspiring conference facilities, including castles, other historical buildings and museums. The sky is almost the limit. We have conference facilities of all sizes. Messe C in Fredericia has conference rooms for up to 700 people and can seat as many as 10,000 people in the exhibition halls. The region has a broad range of fantastic meeting places – in the country, in the town and even at sea. The choice is yours.


5. 20,000 hotel rooms within easy distance

Southern Denmark has 20,000 hotel rooms. The region offers accommodation in many different categories and at a wide range of prices. The short distances between towns in the region makes Southern Denmark ideal as a venue for major conventions. On the bus between the conference centre and their hotel, guests can spend their time effectively, learning about the area, preparing for or evaluating the meeting, conference or convention day, networking with other delegates, etc.


6. A green destination

Southern Denmark is a “green” destination in more than one sense of the word. Many of the region’s towns nestle in areas of outstanding natural beauty and have views over water. Sustainability is important at all our conference centres. Compared with other destinations, visitors find that everything here is perfectly clean. They feel comfortable and safe.

7. Lots to do after the meetings

Eat dinner like the Danes ate in Hans Christian Andersen’s day. Picnic at Arne Jacobsen’s holiday home or between impressive works of art. Play and learn with LEGO or take a stroll in a park. Feel the presence of history at one of our museums or castles. There are countless inspiring things to do here.

8. Culture, more culture and even more culture

Southern Denmark is home to a plethora of cultural attractions. There are ample opportunities to explore and enjoy the region on your own. The towns of the region have museums, theatres, attractions of all kinds, restaurants and shopping centres: The region caters for all tastes!

9. World-class skills and knowledge

Southern Denmark harbours world-class skills and knowledge in a wide range of fields, including energy, offshore, welfare technology, robotics and much more besides. There’s always an expert close at hand who you can invite to speak at your convention. He or she will speak about something relevant and interesting, of course.

10. Southern Denmark has special focus on learning

Inspiring Denmark’s conference facilities focus squarely on making sure that you and your guests reap the full benefit of your conference. Inspiring Denmark provides highly professional advice and helps you to focus on working methods and tools which can enhance and underpin the objectives of your specific congress.