Transportation & infrastructure

Southern Denmark lies at the heart of Denmark – and is central in Europe

Even though we are inspired to think big, the Region of Southern Denmark is in fact quite small. This means that the conference centres, hotels, attractions and activities are all close at hand and your conference attendees will spend very little time travelling.

You can cross the region by car in about 1 hour and 40 minutes. You can drive from North to South in 1 hour and ten minutes. We have international airports at Billund and Copenhagen, domestic air travel to and from Sønderborg and an efficient rail network, so it is easy to get to, from and around the region.

When your guests arrive in Denmark, they are only a short distance from the towns of the region. Inspiring Denmark can advise you on logistics and shuttle bus services.


Useful links  Plan your journey, see departure times and public transport connections in Denmark (train and bus).  Trains in Denmark are operated by the Danish Railways. On their website you can buy tickets for your train travel. Billund Airport is the largest airport in the region. On the website, you can find information about departures and arrivals, as well as information about the airport. Copenhagen Airport is Denmark’s largest international airport. From Copenhagen Airport, you can take a direct train to Southern Denmark. The airport’s website contains practical information and details of flight departures and arrivals.