Southern Denmark

In the middle of Europe lies Southern Denmark. A place with presence, “hygge”, and a vast variety of experts who, through knowledge sharing, creates growth and makes Denmark present on the global stage.

Billund Airport and Copenhagen Airport are the two main international junction points of Denmark directly connected to the rest of the world. Solid infrastructure and public transportation makes travelling in Southern Denmark quick and easy.

In Southern Denmark, we have years of experience with organising and hosting conferences. We have all the necessities, in terms of quality facilities, modern infrastructure and cultural experiences, for you to successfully host an international conference. We have professional meeting facilities of all kinds.

Historic castles, urban areas and state of the art conference venues.

Most significantly Southern Denmark is a destination with endless possibilities. The cities in the region are commonly described as cosy and informal and are characterised by large nature sites and ocean views.

Denmark has a focus on sustainability and is a safe and secure destination, which is often emphasised by international committees and meeting bookers.


city profiles

Click a video below to see a presentation of what the major cities in Southern Denmark can offer you and your conference.


Your guests

Southern Denmark inspires – both within and outside the conference room. Dine in royal settings. Conduct a workshop in a museum of art. Create learning through play. Feel the breath of history. The possibilities are endless.

Meanwhile your guests have plenty of opportunities for good experiences on their own. Give them the opportunities to go on adventures in the museums, theatres, restaurants, shopping streets and by the coastline of Southern Denmark.

Conference venues in Southern Denmark focus on creating a great experience for you as a host and for the conference attendees. They can serve as a partner and help you to focus your tools and methods in order to strengthen and support the purpose of your conference.